31 August 2011

my darling,
my sweetheart. 
i am in your sway
Rise to Me. The Decemberists


day 58 - 63

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the last few days have been spent travelling about to share our news with our immediate family. and sleeping. lots of sleeping. and peeing. lots and lots of peeing.

we broke the news to our parents over the weekend and they were, to our surprise, not expecting the news. and to our enjoyment they were THRILLED. obviously.

still, it's nice to see them all so excited. especially as scrobble is by no means the first grandchild*.

we also met le castor. or i should say, her half squat counterpart, geraldine. she was nice. old school, but in the best way. i think. she seemed very chilled and was thrilled with our family health history and gave me top marks for having "the blood pressure of a child". this is great news for scrobble, but for me it means lots of dizziness and head-rushes. and if i push myself too hard, fainting too. i dont intend to push hard. at least, not for another 9 months.

she also informed me that as my bmi is 19, i'm classed in the nhs as 'starved**' so i get to have additional growth scans. this is excellent news. instead of the standard 2 scans, we get to see scrobble wriggling around inside me at least 4 times!! yippee.

i'm feeling relatively well still, and even managed to stay up till 10pm last night! though multiple night-time wees are still disrupting my beauty sleep, as are mental dreams! figure that wont go away anytime soon so i'd best put up and shut up.

i now have to wait an astonishing 4 weeks to get to our 12 week scan. how is it possible that they're going to make the most impatient woman in the uk wait that long. not that there is a fat lot they can do about that but boy the wait will prove hard for me. especially as mb is being shipped off to australia again for a week*** soon. how can i entertain myself?

all in all i'm well excited. i really cannot wait for that first scan to make sure scrobble is ok and dancing about as he/she should be. and so we can announce the news to all and sundry!

good times.

*scrobble with be the 4th grandchild on mb's side. the FIRST on mine! :)
**there is no way on this god given earth that anybody that i know would describe me as starved
***who in their right mind would do this to themselves?

26 August 2011

day 57

image by moi

finding out i am pregnant was not like i thought it would be. 

for one, it took a shit ton longer than i'd hoped to get pregnant. i now know, that it wasn't really that long at all [around 11 months] and it probably would have happened a load quicker if i could have gotten my shit together and calculated my dates out properly.

i began this journey an obsessive 'i want to get pregnant and have a baby before i'm 30' freak. my husband would probably say i'm still pretty close to that description but i have relaxed. considerably so. honest. i obsessed over dates and wrote everything down. i was convinced i was so in tune with my body that i knew when i was ovulating. i didn't.

i didn't even consult an ovulation test till we we're a good 6 to 8 months into this ride. i was undoubtable naive about the whole thing.

still, nearly a year after we embarked on this crazy idea, here it is. finally. pregnant. no bugger knows and i haven't even spoke to a midwife yet [hurry up and just call me already would you!!!]. patience is a virtue. but it isn't one i possess. sadly. so this journey will most definitely be an interesting one.

but when my boy brought over that bloody test stick thing on day fifty, with a glum look on his face, i was convinced my body had duped me. AGAIN. but no. not this time. this time it was mb playing games with me and i was then faced with the little LCD screen you see sitting above these words. i was stunned. silent. happy. shit scared and massively excited. mb had tears in his eyes. it was really very special. THE moment. one that will shape our lives forever, no doubt about that.

i hope any of you who are waiting for this news have it very soon. i reckon it's worth waiting for. plus mb and i got to do some crazy good stuff that i wouldn't have been able to do with-child, which i'll post about at a later date. Update - le castor called in the time it tool to write and post this as you may have seen on the previous post.

25 August 2011

le castor

image from here

i have been waiting, with baited breath, for the midwife to call me to set up our first meet. today she called. we set a date. and i got very excited. not least by the fact that my midwife is called susan beaver. yes. beaver. so, she'll now be referred to throughout the remainder of this pregnancy, as le castor*.

i cant wait to meet this lady. i guess i'll be seeing a lot of her for foreseeable future. i do hope we get on.

anybody have any idea what i can expect from this first appointment?

*french for beaver. innit.

day 56

i must confess, currently i feel like a fraud. only a select few know that i'm pregnant. that is, until the weekend comes and mb and i announce our news to our parents.

they are going to freak. in the best way possible.

but there is something about the combination of no-one knowing and the distinct lack of feeling pregnant that leaves me feeling like a fraud.

i'm quite sure this wont last long and i'll be slapped in the face by the cold, harsh reality of being pregnant before i know it. but until then. i'm a fraudster.

having said that, the inability to eat pretty much everything i like [goodbye dippy eggs - how i will miss you], and the fact that i've had to give up my beloved coffee [and beer] have had some impact on how i'm feeling. so i guess the reality is settling in.

there wont be a saturday morning like the one below for me for some time to come. the sacrifices we make ay? tish..

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24 August 2011

day 55

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so far, early pregnancy has proved relatively straightforward. i'm blessed in that, at nearly 8 weeks pregnant, i have no morning sickness. something i am truly grateful for as i'm not one to deal with sickness well in any shape or form. long may it continue.

i am, however, totally knackered. all. the. time. i could literally take a nap every couple of hours and focusing at work is proving difficult. i am at home and in my pyjamas by 6pm each night. not all bad i guess.

i'm also, like most pregnant women, enjoying increasingly large bubs. they're changing, and growing, by the day. they are quite quickly, beginning to not feel like my breasts anymore. not that this is a bad thing. i have, however, in the matter of a couple of weeks, grown out of my bras and have had to relegate any bras with any semblance of underwire to the back of the bra drawer [in the hope that i may get back into them one day]. just as i was about to start enjoying my smaller bubs, along comes scrobble*, and renders all my new bras useless. i am now finding that some support at night is needed and have taken to wearing these in bed. granted they may not be the sexiest item of bedtime clothing [and i'll sure be on the lookout for something a bit more youthful as my breast continue to expand] but it really helps reduce the level of discomfort felt during the day.

*the poor child already has a nickname

day 54.

welcome to the world. little one. keep safe and strong.
you're only tiny right now but we love you already.
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